These are longer texts with each section based on Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the day.

The Ballad of Coll Tabe

The tavern din
surrounds me,
an undercurrent for a song
I’ve heard before…

A Moored Ship After a Storm

Rosa sits between
her sister, Haylee, and Uncle Martin.
Tired from the four-hour drive
across the state. …

haikus for distance learning

dim empty classroom
desks shoved together chairs stacked
you’re alone in here …

A Scrapbook for Our Anniversary

A sheet of notebook paper. Wavy as Saharan dunes. Pastel purple ink in your handwriting. Steady, certain curves. Circles for dots. A play-by-play description of your biology class. Casualness I convinced myself meant more than it probably did. …

Doing the Work

With Will going to Basic Training this fall,
his old Camry would just sit in the garage …

Isolated Thunderstorms

“Your first semester
will occur during your flight,”
the dean explains. …

Cottonwood Seeds en Route: IV. Isabella Dudosa

It is often stated as a fact that a person needs to feel some sort of pain in order to grow— we can see this literally when someone’s joints ache as their arms or legs grow longer. I am not sure how plausible this claim is though— too much stress can crush a sapling or snap a flower’s stem, for instance. …


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